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The most cost-effective fleet tracking solution on the market today.

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AboutThe core of our IntelliSuite product line, IntelliTraxx is the most cost-effective fleet location tracking solution on the market today. The base solution can track vehicle location, speed, direction, vehicle status and GEO-Fence alerting.

IntelliTraxx is scaleable, offering multiple cost-effective enhancements and options including vehicle telemetry, vehicle health, driver behavior, navigation and interactive driver communications with dashboard display, notifications, alerts, and more

What exaclty is Fleet Tracking?



The brain of the operations. Intellitraxx is heavily integrated with Cradlepoint mobile routers but also work with Sierra and Peplink.


A high-quality antennae only makes things that easier flowing GPS, Radio, WiFi and much more into the router.

Diagnostics Module

The IntelliTraxx Diangostics Module is wireless and plugs into the OBDII port of your vehilce so you can know when things go wrong withthe engine. We also integrate with JBUS and more.

External Sensors/Hardware

IntelliTraxx partners with companies like Monnit to provide other ways of measuring and detecting external entities.

IntelliTraxx for Standard Fleets

Know where your vehicles and assets are

Keep track of where your vehicles are and what they are doing, live. You can alsod track your equipment and other important assets displaying them on a map in the main office or control centger for everyone to see.

Know when you need to know

By establishing a Wide Area Asset Management solution you can let your fleet manage itself. Be alerted when vehicles are not where they are supposed to be. Be notified when the begin their day. Be alerted when a vehicle's serive engine soon light comes on. Be alerted when your drivers are driving recklessly. And have all this data at hand when you need it.

The proof is in the data

Safer driving is better driving. Plain and simple. The Intellitraxx solution can record and notify when a drvier is aggresivly turning, braking or accelerating in the company vehicle. This data can help education conversations, asist in lowing insurance premiums as well as help with external or internal audits.


Vehicle health and maintenance. It's all about what you know when you know it, right? with the Intellitraxx DM (Diagnostic Module) you can be alerted when the "Service Engine Soon" light comes on in your vehicles as well as what code triggered it. You can also pull standard PID code values on a sheduled interval so you can perform diagnostic trending and anlysis. All of this can hold off expensive emergency costs and repairs.


Busses are just step one

Yes, keeping track of where the busses are for both the administration and the parents is important. But very quickly the discussions will turn to ... "But how do we track the children?" There is no simple answer but there are alot of different answers. Intellitraxx-SB has the experience to help.

Things move

Nothing much is stationary any more is it? Intellitraxx-SB has worked that simple fact into the solution. The parent app can alert to where the busses are in terms of when the kids need to be at the bus stop to when they are dropped off at thier designated bus area in the afternoon. Schools can also use the app for notifications, and alerts about school activities and information.

Adaptability is key

IntelliTrax-SB has been built around nthe simple fact that technology keep pusing forward. More importantly, howe school systems must be adaptable to those changes. As your school proresses Intellitraxx-SB can keep up. WiFi in the bus? Facial Recognition? Equipment Tracking? Our solution is felixble and adaptable.


Location, Location, Location

In EMS the difference between 5 and 15 seconds could potentially be a life. Intellitraxx-EMS is broadcast interval live, which means the vehicle marker you see on the map is where the ambulance actually is, not was. With standardized google maps in our solutions for update map content and total AVL accurancy you can be assured what you see is what you get when it comes to vehicle location.

It means something different

We've learned from experience and current customers that picking up the patient at any EMS situation is often the easiest past of the job. Driving Behavior takes on a while new meaning once the passenger is secure and you you are en route. wuith Trip Alanysis, IntelliTraxx-EMS hold all data elemnts contained within a trip. From vehicle status, to route, to equipment within the vehicle to driver behavior. All of which can be used for audits and claims investigations.

Driver Communication

Messaging, Dispatch, Turn-By-Turn Directions and more. A driver interface within the vehicle can handle all driver-to-dispatch communications with simplicity and distation free design. With the internal router the drivers can also have in-vehicle WiFi for their other tasks and online tools.

With Room To Grow

IntelliTraxx-EMS is completly flexible and extensible. We work with multiple external hardware vendors both wireless and wired to handle daa that can be corrolated within the Intellitraxx environment so you don't need two or three tools to do one task.

Power montoring, spot checking, door and switch monitoring, etc ... Intellitraxx-EMS can do it all.


(In Development)

Real Time Information

Where are your patrol cars? Where are the officers? Where are all my assets I may neeD for any situation. You need information at your fingertips, at your discretion and it needs to be right. That's the goal of Intelliforce

Location-Based Dispatch

IntelliForce allows dispatch the ability to drop a situational pin on a map using an address or click location and you will immediatley know which vehicles, officers, equipment are closest and all their statuses are within seconds.

Information Is Power

IntelliForce allows for fast, secure, reliable in-Vehicle WiFi so officers can use multiple tablets and laptops or tools to get the information they need when they need it.

A View From Above Is Better

IntelliForce give situation control management a unique view of all assets that are engaged in a situation. From vehicles to equipment to officers, you will know what is at your disposal and what is not giving you better decisions making information for any event.

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